Retro Rides Weekender is back in action at Goodwood on 29th and 30th of May 2021. Unique paddock displays, sprint track action on the Saturday, auto solo on the Sunday. Retro cars on display all over the site on both days.

Our curated paddocks continue our principle of a 'temporary museum', bringing in a unique selection of cars to the show from. Retro Rides events are legendary for their diversity of cars, so if you've got a pre-98 car we want you in our retro parking, or the Sunday club displays, from wild fire breathing customs to absolutely stock family car.


Each year we we transform the iconic Goodwood paddocks with a variety of themes as well as having a range of other displays, 2021 is no different.

All paddock, club and retro car display applications will open on the 19th March. Here is what we have in store, have you got something that fits?:


Outside of the curated displays we plan to fill as much of the venue as we can with pre-98(ish) retro cars. So book your spot and get on display.

Booking is now closed for this display space for Saturday and Sunday.


Club display space is now FULL! With a great range of cars and clubs


Iconic super cars never go out of style, from the smooth lines of the 60's to the insanity and excess of the 80's and 90's, we've always got time for cars built without compromise. We're looking for super cars from the first with the Lamborghini Muira, considered the first real supercar, to the start of the Hypercar era in 2005.


2021 sees the return of our Deadline display, containing cars that are either newly built or have had a major rebuild and are debuting in 2021. RR Weekender doesn't need to be their first show, although given the uniqueness of the year it could well end up that way. We're expecting great things this year, after all what else has there been to do other than build cars!?

  • Applications Now Closed


We love modified cars, it is really what we do. We also love well cared-for stock cars. Even better if we can get one modified and one standard car together so we can enjoy the differences between them. We'll take applications for either a stock or modified car, and then try and find cars to match up with. We've got a shortened timescale to deliver the event, so why not just make things extra complicated.

  • Applications Now Closed


Big hair, shoulder pads and wild styling. We'll take all three. Looking for quintessentially 80's cars, from the Aircooled B289 scene, to Rieger kitted cars, to factory build excess. We'd love some help tracking down a Sbarro car, or a Gemballa 80's Porsche, or a Styling Garage Mercedes. You get the idea. Email if you have any leads

  • Applications Now Closed


Retro Rides Weekender 2021 will, of course, have track time on both days.


Hit the track at the legendary Goodwood circuit for our point to point sprint. We're looking for pre-98-ish cars, happy for full track weapons all the way through to your daily driver, from the experienced to the first time on track. If you've ever wanted to have a go on track, this is your chance to do it in a safe way. We take in applications for two weeks and then short list to ensure a diverse range of entries. There are morning and afternoon sessions for you to choose from and it will cost £60 a session, we aim to get everyone at least three runs: Booking is now closed for Sprint time


Our awesome Auto solo returns on Sunday, one of the most enjoyable ways to get some action with your car, where a firebreathing race car doesn't mean you are the quickest. We're looking for pre-98-ish cars again with a whole range of cars suitable for the auto solo. This is a great way to get on track and have fun with your car. We take in applications for two weeks and then short list to ensure a diverse range of entries. There are two morning sessions and one afternoon session for you to choose from and it will cost £20 a session, we aim to get everyone at least three runs through the course: Booking is now closed for Auto Solo


Camping is now fully sold out. If you wish to be added to a waiting list for when tickets become available please sign up here


All our trade space is now taken, we look forward to welcoming a range of car focussed brands and products to the event.


If you've got any questions please drop us an email : weekender@retro-rides.org.

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