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Drifter To Daily
Race Car to Retro

Goodwood Circuit
Chichester, PO18 0PH

Day ticket gate: £15

Important Info You Need To Know!

Advanced tickets are now off sale, you can buy day entry on the gate for £15 per person, 16 and under are free

CASH is needed for entry, however most traders are taking card payments

If you turn up in a pre-98 car you can put it on display, even without a car pass

If your club or car pass hasn't arrived yet, we WILL be able to get you in place, do not panic, life is good

If your ticket has not arrived, please email OR just bring your order confirmation with you to the gate, with some ID

The weather is going to be fine, there is nothing we can do to make it different, but it will be fine

Old cars are awesome

Yes you can bring your dog, they must be on a lead and you must clean up after them

Be excellent to each other



8:30am Open for Display cars
9am Show official opens and Morning track session starts
12am Guest track sessions, closing with drift demo
12:30am Lunch
1:30pm Track afternoon session starts
5pm Track afternoon session ends and show closes


8:30am Open for Display cars
9am Show entry official opens and Track autosolo session starts
12:30am Lunch
1:30pm Track autosolo afternoon session starts
2:30pm Awards
5pm Track autosolo afternoon session ends and Show Closes
6pm Organising team finally get some sleep again.....


Unique Paddock Displays

Rallying History

Retropower 10th Anniversary

Deadline New Builds

Driftworks Display

2 Days of Track Action

Retro Cars all over the site

Club Stands (Sunday)

Show and Shine Prizes

Rolling Road


Good Food

Good People

Good Times




From the sound of Group B cars roaring through the forest, to the mighty mini tackling Monte Carlo, rally cars have always been iconic parts of our bit of the car world. The Rallying History group have a wide range of rally cars and we're very excited to see them in their display paddock as well as in action on the track.


The guys at Retropower build some of the most unique and high quality cars in the country, from their current crop of high end builds to their more humble beginnings it hasa been ten years of constant evolution. This year we help them celebrate their ten year mile stone with a display paddock at Goodwood. They will be bringing along a range of cars from across their history as well as some of the current builds, both the recently complete and the in-progress. They also plan to have a demonstration area where they can show of their techniques and skills.


Our new for 2019 show within a show. All fresh builds for 2019. Do you have a build that your are completing in 2019? We want to hear from you. It doesn't need to be the first time the car has been out, although we would of course love that, but if your build or major rebuild is coming out in 2019 we'd love for you to be part of this. To apply to be part of the Deadline display log in to our events site and submit the little form.



Occupying the space outside the iconic Goodwood Garages


Bringing a range of customers cars to the Grandstand area


Back again, this year bringing their great style to the Grandstand area


World class Cobra Daytona and GT40 replicas bringing a touch of class


Sunday sees us bring in the club displays, everyone is welcome from a group of friends with a handful of cars to those rolling in with thirty or more. All we ask is that they are all predomininatly pre-98 and certainly nothing newer than 2000. To start a club stand log in to our events system and fill in the form. Cars for the stand need to be pre-booked, so each car will need to fill out a form on the events site too. Once your club is registered it is very easy for cars to add themselves to it and for you to keep track of who has been added.


Goodwood is a beautiful venue and it is vastly improved with a load of cool old cars spread around it. If you've got a pre-98-ish car and want to display at the show you just need to log in to the events site and fill out the form, get your ticket and you are good to go, this isn't an 'application' we want the diversity of cars to be as wide as possible.


We've got two chances to see cars in action and get in on it yourself at our 2019 Weekender. On the Saturday we'll be running track again in a point-to-point sprint. On the Sunday we're running an Autosolo - which is a bit like an Autotest but without all that reversing in to boxes. Sprint is now full, Sunday Autosolo will be made available at the start of May.


For 2019 our camping is much improved, a Saturday evening bar, our charity 'tat' auction and more. Weekend tickets include campsite and full show access. Camping is available from 3pm on Friday through to Sunday. Get your tickets here.